Village Podiatrists now off Lacuna Nail Treatment

New Toenail Reconstruction Treatment

Are you embarrassed by the condition of one of your toenails? It is possible you could be suffering from Fungal nail infection and this could be quickly fixed by toenail reconstruction.

Fungal nail infection is the most difficult of the superficial fungal infections to treat as most topical agents are ineffective at penetrating the nail plate to reach the active infection in the nail bed.

However at Village Podiatrists we now offer the LACUNA method. By making micro holes in the nail plate with specially designed micro burrs, your Podiatrist can enable you to apply an anti fungal agent such as Lamisil spray directly to the infected nail bed. With daily application the fungus is stopped from spreading and the damaged nail grows out. As the nail is dead you cannot feel the holes being made.

PLEASE don’t be embarrassed, ring us to make an assessment appointment to see if we can help, it could be life changing. Get those toe nails ready for next summer.

Similarly if you know someone who has a problem and is too embarrassed to seek help, send them to us, whatever it is like I can guarantee we will have seen worse...

If you are from the Wombourne, Wolverhampton or Dudley area book an appointment at our modern Wombourne surgery.